Humanely-raised pastured pork

Each year we raise a small number of pastured pigs for direct sale to our customers.

We work with local pig breeders to acquire high-quality, weaned piglets each spring.  Our young pigs are raised all summer on grass pasture where they are free to root and roam, run, wallow, and play; just as pigs should.  In late summer and early autumn, they enjoy windfall apples and pears from our orchard, along with pumpkins and other vegetation from the garden.  

At slaughter, we work with Andal's Custom Meats, a mobile butcher, for on-farm processing.   
We have found that our pastured pork has a richer, more complex flavor than typical pork found in the grocery store.  For many people, knowing that the animals they eat were raised humanely is an important consideration.  Animal welfare is paramount to our small scale operation.  We work hard to ensure the well being of each animal under our care.