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Our orchard is comprised of more than 70 mature apple, pear, and plum trees.  Our berries include 1,400 linear feet of marionberries, tayberries, and raspberries.  While a significant portion of our crop is sent to local restaurants, we offer a variety of our tree fruit and berries on a pick-your-own, appointment-only basis.  (We are not generally open to the public.)  Berries are generally available in July and tree fruits are ripe from early September into November.  We also have a cider press available on-site for u-pickers wishing to press apples into cider.

TREE FRUIT (Apples, Pears, Plums)

Our farmstead orchard was planted by the Lewis family in the early 1970’s, and is comprised of several apple cultivars, including Yellow Transparent, Gravenstein, Fameuse, and others.  Our pear varietals include Bosc and Anjou.  We have both Italian and Shiro plums.   Plums are usually ripe in July; apple varieties are ripe from September through mid-November.  Pears are ready in early October.


Availability to pick-your-own tree fruit is dependent upon weather and our schedule.  Contact us ahead of time to see what’s ripe and ready!


U-Pick tree fruit (per 5-gallon bucket):  apples: $20   pears: $30   plums: $30

BERRIES (Marionberries, Tayberries, Raspberries)

Caneberries are blackberries and raspberries with perennial root systems and biennial canes. The vegetative shoots of caneberries are called “primocanes”; the flowering/fruiting canes are “floricanes”.  During the summer, floricanes produce flowers which are pollinated by our bees and ultimately become berries.  Simultaneously, primocanes are growing under the floricane canopy.  At summer’s end, the spent floricanes are removed and primocanes trained along guide wires to become next year’s floricanes.


Our primary blackberry varietal is marionberry, a hybrid developed at Oregon State University.  We also grow tayberry in smaller quantities, which is a blackberry/raspberry hybrid.  Tayberries are tarter than marionberries but are fantastic for baked goods or preserves.  Also in small quantities are red and golden raspberries which, unlike our blackberry hybrids, are thornless.


We have both pint- and quart-sized paper berry baskets available.  Picking caneberries requires sensible footwear and long sleeves to avoid thorns.  Please walk carefully among the berry rows to avoid stepping on primocanes.


Availability to pick-your-own berries is dependent upon weather and our schedule.  Contact us ahead of time to see what’s ripe and ready!


U-Pick berries: $2.00/lb

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