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About Our Honey

The diverse flora of the Pacific Northwest provide rich nectar sources for our bees, which in turn produce some of the most beautiful, delicate, and delicious honey found anywhere in the world.

We manage apiaries within Ebey's Landing National Historical Reserve, an historic farming area on the prairies of Whidbey Island.  Cultivated plants, hedgerows, and weeds offer abundant bee forage.  We harvest surplus honey from our colonies each summer, strain it to remove small bits of hive debris, then pour directly into jars.  That's it!  

After harvest, we assess a grade and color according to USDA honey standards.  Lastly, samples from hives within each foraging area are sent off for pollen analysis to provide an estimate of floral composition.  While this step validates the floral origins of our honey, it also offers consumers a connection to both the land and history of Whidbey Island.

Where to Buy

We sell 1lb honey jars direct from the farm for visitors, and via the Whidbey Island Grown Food Hub. You may also find our honey at the following Whidbey Island retail establishments:



Sunshine Drip



Hierophant Meadery


Wish by the Sea


Oak Harbor

Healthy Living Buyer's Club

San de Fuca

3 Sisters Market


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